Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychologists apply psychological theory and skills to the understanding and functioning of the legal and criminal justice system. They often work in criminal, civil and family legal contexts and provide services for perpetrators, victims and justice personnel. Forensic psychology encompasses issues such as: the causes, prevention and treatment of criminal behaviour; the psychology of police, the courts and the correctional system; and the contributions of psychological evidence to legal proceedings.

Dr Antoinette Harmer has completed a Doctor of Psychology (Forensic), holds specialist endorsement as a Forensic Psychologist and is an member of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists

After approximately 10 years as a practicing psychologist and 7 years in private practice doing both clinical and forensic psychology, Antoinette embarked on a second graduate degree to formalise her grounding and practice in forensic psychology.  Antoinette completed the coursework and specialist supervision for the PsychD (Forensic) at Charles Sturt University under Professor Don Thomson and was supervised by Professor Jane Goodman-Delahunty to complete a research project in the area of family and child law.  Her doctoral thesis was entitled “Defining Best Interests of the Child in Family Law”.

In relation to forensic psychology practice, Antoinette has provided forensic assessments for clients in criminal, civil and family/child areas of law, with the majority of experience in private practice as an independent court expert in the Family Court and Children’s Court (Care & Protection proceedings) in the ACT.  Antoinette has also worked with parents recovering from addiction and their children in a residential drug rehabilitation program and provided group and individual treatment for offenders as a private practice contractor to ACT Corrective Services.

Antoinette has been a lecturer on the LLM (Advocacy) course at the College of Law, ANU since 2006.  She has also lectured in Forensic Psychology as part of the Research School of Psychology, Australian National University graduate program in Clinical Psychology.

Antoinette is one of the founding committee members of the ACT Chapter of the Australian & New Zealand Association of Psychology, Psychiatry & Law –